business development & brand re-positioning

Digital Platform Brand Identity, Internal Branding Programs and Start-Up projects

Appropriate for all industries, all company sizes, all markets


• Pin down specific needs
• Highlight subjects and topics
• Gather corporate communication tools
• Analyze the brand perception on the company’s-markets
• Explore and define fonts, colors and styles to empower the company’s branding
• Adapt the brand identity to the brand language
• Propose various brand identities adapted for corporate tools and corporate merchandising
• Embrace intercultural and generational expectations (and potential geo-politic differences)
• Generate understanding, emotion and creativity
• Optimize the brand identity for different publication formats


• Design mood boards (styles, fonts, colors)
• Develop and create visual identity concept
• Develop graphics and hand book
• Adapt the brand identity into collateral marketing tools (related packaging if needed)
• UX and UI design (including wireframe and made on measure template)


• Vector files
• Brand handbook (including color reference chart, IT8 references)
• Coordinate workshops and approval committees within company resources
• Lay out a «dynamic circle» production process
• Roll out production schedule and delivery deadline

A consistent brand identity concept will lead and guide the entire branding program development.