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dim3branding is a strategic and creative studio based in New York City, involved in the conception and development of unique brand communication and brand positioning. We provide 360-degree solutions from strategy and design to development, primarily through digital marketing solutions and modern interactive digital communication tools. For us, branding is about a 3 dimensional thought process. We help and advise all types of organizations and companies.

Our clients range from world-renowned names, established companies and non-profits, to emerging start-ups, looking to grow or improve their online presence. dim3branding aims to create and secure a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

We work daily with clients from all around the world, with the ability to conduct business in the home language.

Our approach to branding is different and less traditional than that of other agencies: the brand’s global vision, its history, and its future development are all elements that we hold dear!

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Works & ProjectsExpertise


We provide 360-degree solutions from strategy and design to development
Minor or major changes are happening. Shifts happen everywhere and we don’t always see or recognize them. Corporations, organizations and companies are willing to acknowledge those changes in developing strategic and creative internal branding programs to transmit a positive connection among all employees.

Works & Projects

We believe in what will make THE difference. Micro projects or XL developments, all are considered with the same dynamic and the same importance.


All brands, firms and organizations at a certain point are willing to explore new business opportunities, refresh their communication strategies or update their marketing tools. Sociocultural and socioeconomic shifts need coherent image positioning to develop additional services as well as to target additional or new clientele. Innovation can occur through the introduction of new methods, ideas, and services, or through the promotion of existing ones. Communication helps innovation and assists our clients in improving their businesses - which is our main objective!


Partnering with the best creative studios is an important choice which will influence the success of your business development. dim3branding has a solid strategic vision, combined with important know-how in most industries, to help our clients thrive.

Our background and international network should be the key criteria in your decision-making!


We are inspired by actual power to enrich a project and to add emotion, believing that our experiences should contribute to the longevity of your project. Dare, challenge, defy, and throw down the gauntlet! Stand out and do not fear!


At dim3branding, we begin our projects from an imaginative and instinctive place that we develop through rigorous research, and process to generate modern and unique ideas. We sensitively consider every material, color, graphic and word to find the best fit for each project, working with techniques of all kinds. We consider the finished project at the beginning of our discussions, not at the end, thereby allowing us to reveal the quality of a work through masterful details. We believe in what will make the difference. Micro projects or XL developments, all are considered with the same dynamic and the same importance!  

Inspiration & News

Inspiration can be visual, tactile, olfactory, or auditory. As many urban people do, we travel, and we are curious. All places inspire us, from buses and subways, walks through institutional buildings, and visits to art exhibits, to lingering in bookstores and sitting in cafes observing crowds. A Smartphone is a great tool for capturing details, photos, volumes, materials, and all types of communication a metropolis offers... This mini blog invites you to discover the sources of inspiration necessary for our analyses, designs, and developments through simple images.

    Wave a Goodbye to The Old & Embrace The New With Full of Hope, Dreams and Ambition. Wishing You a Happy New Year.

  • “Too often, I believe, the meaning of a work of art is lost as a result of a thoughtless or unsuitable placement of the work for display. The installation of my own work, for example, as well as that of others, is contemporary with its creation, and the space surrounding the work is crucial to it. Frequently as much thought has gone into the placement of a piece as into the piece itself.” —Donald Judd, 1993 read more

  • Oh! I Am Precious

    Oh I Am Precious #7 Necklace-1986, MIZUHIKI (Paper Cord), Canvas.

    Eugene Piganowski (American Born 1938), Hiroko Piganoswki (Japanes Born 1942)

    Jewelry, The Body Transformed, Metropolitan Museum NYC read more

  • News Letter VERSUS Social Medias

    90% of internet users have indicated that they’d rather receive brand information in their e-mail versus their social medias feed.

    Your brand is your image, your identity, the summation of your design philosophy. A strong brand identity and a smart brand positioning are the key to success. Be authentic within your news letters. Stay nimble, remain tight and lean!

  • Carla Sozzani’s 10 Corso Como Is a True Sensory Experience

    Fondazione Sozzani & Helmut Newton Foundation

    10 Corso Como, New York City

    read more

  • The Symbolism of Nature

    « Nature is omnipresent in Japan, and dramatic scenery, craggy mountainscapes and the cycle of the seasons profoundly shaped Japanese art. The animistic Shinto faith holds that natural elements and meteorological phenomena exert a powerful spiritual influence on people’s lives.” read more

  • Minor or major changes are happening.

    Shifts happen everywhere and we don’t always see or recognize them. Corporations, organizations and companies are willing to acknowledge those minor or major changes that are happening in developing strategic and creative internal branding programs to transmit a positive connection between all employees.

  • Cure your illustration, your pitch will be stronger!

    Just one powerful photo is like “a thousand words”.

    Never underestimate the influence of a strong illustration in your presentation design. read more


    Liu Bolin teamed up with Annie Leibovitz, for Montcler’s Spring/Summer 2017 campaign with Invisible Man artwork. read more

  • Wishing all our clients, business partners, branding fans, and followers a great 2018!

    In 2017, news was an incredible source of inspiration for all our projects

    read more


    Today, almost all multinationals are facing the challenge of building dynamic, creative, interactive, and efficient digital communication.
    read more

  • Happy 4th of July

    Freedom is one of the most valuable gifts. Wishing everyone a very happy 4th of July!


dim3branding was founded in New York City in 2013 by Sabine Landolt, committed to the vital role of branding since the beginning of her career. Sabine brings years of global branding experience to category leaders in numerous industries: from fashion to biotech, including consumer goods, beauty care, financial services and luxury goods.

Count on dim3branding’s in-house team and network of talent to deliver a higher level of innovation and creativity. We draw inspiration from everywhere. We’re keenly aware of marketplace realities and shifting trends that influence major industry. What makes us different from other branding agencies? Our international business-oriented background, our global vision of communication, our ability to enhance customer experience with powerful brand-positioning programs attuned to local audiences. dim3branding serves as a bridge between North American and European cultures. What else? We’re a boutique agency, where we listen, define strategies and partner with you every step of the way!


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