Basic & functional display

Communication of new corporate codes

While Versace continued its image repositioning, all of the Versace Group licenses, Euroitalia being the one for perfumes, adapted their sales concepts to the new corporate codes of the House. A consistent picture code for its own distribution network as well as for all Euroitalia distribution networks was established. We redrew the furniture, fixtures, and displays for POS, DFS, and multi-brand. My overall plan for repositioning the image of the Versace Group allowed me to develop a multitude of mini projects, for example, a certain display kit might cost more, but it guarantees uniformity and consistency of ongoing image repositioning and transformation.

Basic displays for everyone

The most complex exercise in the style, even for a small development, was to produce a luxury display at a low cost and for a wide distribution network while dealing with limited image control. The multifunctional 2-in-1 display, respecting the materials and color codes, was the result of many compromises. I developed a promotional Plexiglas cube with dry size cut and a white, lacquered wooden plate, available in two sizes, with a white leather coating on the top side. These three materials are reference materials for the new Versace store concept. A short presentation guide came with this display kit for the Euroitalia distribution channel, while a full presentation page was inserted in the Versace online visual merchandising chart.

Promotional cube multi fragrances wooden plate

Promotional cube multi fragrances wooden plate