corporate identity

Communication, simple typography, clean design, & industrial materials

Portland, OR

A corporate identity is seen most of the time as a visual element, used in many and various applications in order to promote the image of a business, an activity or an organization. Basically, for a marketing specialist, it is synonymous with logos, visual elements, architecture, but now, visual identity and corporate strategy are becoming inextricably linked. For me, it is also made up of brand history, beliefs, philosophy, cultural values, and people.

Corporate identity helps define and determine the positioning of a brand in terms of its markets and competitors. It is not easy to define, but it is very important. The two pictures, taken during a west coast trip, remind me how strong a brand identity could be, in a smart and simple way.

Picture 1:
One of the biggest independent libraries in the country, communicates its philosophy only with a definition, graphically displayed as typed in a dictionary. The long space above the cash desk, painted in white, looked like an in-store billboard visible from the street, through huge windows. Terrific effect!

Picture 2:
An internationally-recognized brand, denotes its entity by a small in-store corporate exhibit, on the second floor of the store. A clean and simple recap of its historical success. Two long, industrial-looking showcases and white painted sport shoes are telling THE story. A strong message with simple visual elements can be so inspiring for any corporate event set-up.