Pei’s Pyramid is turning 30 and Airbnb is coming out of the closet with an unique birthday event on April 30.


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  • Gina Beavers

    The artist transforms digital images appropriated from social media and the Internet into thickly layered compositions that border on sculpture.


    Through September 2
    New York, NY-MoMA PS1
    #GinaBeavers-Very inspiring#contemporary#different

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    Only the most attentive will notice what’s wrong with this picture.


    Portraits from the ICP Collection #ICP Museum, 250 Bowery, NY-NY read more


    “Stay true to yourself and your vision. Don’t let any one person’s opinion move you; listen, but be confident.”

    Amanda Kahlow, Founder 6SENSE

    March 8, International Women’s Day

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  • _7ysk7_

    By Yusuke Kubota

    Inspiration is needed to find THE picture we are crucially looking for to illustrate communication and marketing tools. As pretty much everyone, my team and I are making our primary research on social medias, which became one of our biggest source of inspiration. In a second time, we explore and navigate for hours on royalty-free photo platforms.

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    Wave a Goodbye to The Old & Embrace The New With Full of Hope, Dreams and Ambition. Wishing You a Happy New Year.

  • “Too often, I believe, the meaning of a work of art is lost as a result of a thoughtless or unsuitable placement of the work for display. The installation of my own work, for example, as well as that of others, is contemporary with its creation, and the space surrounding the work is crucial to it. Frequently as much thought has gone into the placement of a piece as into the piece itself.” —Donald Judd, 1993 read more

  • Oh! I Am Precious

    Oh I Am Precious #7 Necklace-1986, MIZUHIKI (Paper Cord), Canvas.

    Eugene Piganowski (American Born 1938), Hiroko Piganoswki (Japanes Born 1942)

    Jewelry, The Body Transformed, Metropolitan Museum NYC read more

  • News Letter VERSUS Social Medias

    90% of internet users have indicated that they’d rather receive brand information in their e-mail versus their social medias feed.

    Your brand is your image, your identity, the summation of your design philosophy. A strong brand identity and a smart brand positioning are the key to success. Be authentic within your news letters. Stay nimble, remain tight and lean!

  • Carla Sozzani’s 10 Corso Como Is a True Sensory Experience

    Fondazione Sozzani & Helmut Newton Foundation

    10 Corso Como, New York City

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  • The Symbolism of Nature

    « Nature is omnipresent in Japan, and dramatic scenery, craggy mountainscapes and the cycle of the seasons profoundly shaped Japanese art. The animistic Shinto faith holds that natural elements and meteorological phenomena exert a powerful spiritual influence on people’s lives.” read more

  • Minor or major changes are happening.

    Shifts happen everywhere and we don’t always see or recognize them. Corporations, organizations and companies are willing to acknowledge those minor or major changes that are happening in developing strategic and creative internal branding programs to transmit a positive connection between all employees.